Our Team

Lizbeth Soto

Spa Owner, Licensed Esthetician

🌸 Lizbeth Soto - Founder of Whispering Day Spa 🌸 Lizbeth Soto, the heart behind Whispering Day Spa, blends 25 years of experience in customer relations and the spa industry. As a licensed and insured esthetician, Lizbeth excels in customer service and skincare. She founded San Diego Skincare, managed The Spa of La Jolla, and founded the Beautiful Strength Non-profit Project. Certified in Oncology Esthetics, an Acne Specialist, and an expert in skincare ingredients, Lizbeth ensures the best spa experience. Her ultimate goal is to transport clients beyond pampering and into a realm of sensory surrender. #LizbethSoto #WhisperingDaySpa #SkincareExpert #ClientCare #SpaFounder

Ronald Johnson

Lead Massage Therapist

🌿 Ronald - Your Trusted Massage Therapist 🌿 Meet Ronald, our skilled massage therapist at Whispering Day Spa. With expertise in therapeutic, orthopedic, and corrective massage, he customizes each session to your unique needs. Ronald's attentive care and creative techniques set him apart. Book a session with him today and experience the magic of his healing touch.

Eva Sol

Lead Esthetician

🌺 Eva - Lead Esthetician at Whispering Day Spa 🌺 Meet Eva, our Lead Esthetician, renowned for her skincare expertise and genuine client care. Eva offers a range of treatments, including dermaplaning, hydrafacial MD, peels, and more. She's licensed, insured, and an acne specialist. Beyond the spa, Eva enjoys long walks, reading, traveling, swimming, and embracing diverse cultures. Book a session with Eva today and experience the best in skincare and relaxation

Gabriela Samaniego

Massage Therapist

🌸 Gabriela - Skilled Massage Therapist 🌸 Meet Gabriela, our skilled massage therapist at Whispering Day Spa. Gabriela specializes in various massage techniques, offering personalized sessions to address your unique needs. With years of experience and a passion for healing, Gabriela brings a healing touch to every massage.