Acne Bootcamp

Our clinic holds a national certification with a 90% success rate and has provided acne treatment solutions to San Diego residents and visitors for over ten years.

Individual Services

Acne Maintenance Treatment

$125 (50m)

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This routine maintenance treatment is recommended every two to three weeks as part of our Acne Bootcamp. Your esthetician will evaluate the skin progress and perform an enzyme treatment or progressive peel, depending on your skin progress. In addition, a light therapy, Oxygen, or Cryotherapy session will be performed at no cost, depending on your skin needs.

Acne Detox Facial

$145 (50m)

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Our acne Detox Treatment is ideal for those with sporadic acne breakouts. This customizable facial is performed using several skin modalities to detox the skin, giving you an instant glow. A melange of hyaluronic, glycolic, lactic, and mandelic serums are used to aim with the skin's desquamation, reduce redness and inflammation, and prepare the skin for extractions. This facial can be a standalone

Acne Consultation and Treatment

$155 (1h 15m)

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Your aesthetician will assess the skin type and conditions present using advanced technology with five spectra mode lights during this comprehensive consultation. In addition, a sensitivity test will be performed, followed by enzyme treatment and extractions.

Couples Services

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